PiNZ 2017 National Hui
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This show/event time has already passed, sorry you can no longer buy tickets for it.

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ANZAC weekend - 22nd - 25th April

Kaiwaka Sports Association, Northland




Key-note speakers such as Kay Baxter, Bob Corker, Herbie Skipper and Graham North present in the mornings while we use well facilitated Open Space Technology to organise our afternoons.

Open Space Technology is a conference facilitation tool in which the whole group co-creates the topics of the sessions which results in an engaging and enthusiastic participatory process. Together, we'll create space in which to have the conversations that are important and pressing for us as permaculturalists in New Zealand. 

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The Hui will be held in the Kaiwaka Sports Association and the adjacent primary school with an emphasis on camping for accommodation to take advantage of Northland's balmy weather. We encourage people to bring their own camping equipment and CAMP FREE. There are a limited amount of priced tents and beds provided by the local Scouts group or marae style on the squash courts. Or if you prefer something a bit easier there is the local motel 10 minutes walk away and b&bs. Food is included in the price of a Hui ticket but accommodation is an add-on. If you are sleeping off-site or bringing your own camping gear then there is no need to choose an accommodation option. The Sports Association provides showers and toilets and alcohol from their bar in the evenings.


VOLUNTEERS – Wanna participate free?

This Hui is dependent on people dedicating half their time at the hui serving others. The other half of their day is their own to participate in the Hui. If you wish to serve your fellow Permaculturalists in the kitchen, child-minding or helping host then please choose the Volunteer ticketing option. We encourage you to bring your own tent but if you don’t have one then we ask you pay the minimal fee for accommodation. We will Email you a Volunteer application form and you wont be fully registered until you have sent it back to us filled out and we have confirmed your place. Around a fifth of attendees need to volunteer to run the Hui so please consider helping out.



Between the ages of 3 and 12 will receive a small discount and must be registered. There is a Childcare service offered during Key-note and Open Space sessions run by a licensed professional. Baby’s up to 3 years old must stay with their parents through-out but there is no charge for their attendance and no need to register them unless you wish to pay for separate accommodation for them.



Day tickets are available and includes all food for that day.



Because we're not using our own website for this event, the database is inaccessible for membership of Permaculture in New Zealand. The price of $25 is included in the ticket price so everyone that attends the Hui will be a member of PiNZ. If you are a life member you should have been sent a discount voucher code. If you have paid membership in the last year your term will be extended to include the time you've already paid for. If you have paid and would prefer a refund then please email us



The Permaculture in New Zealand AGM will be held at 9am on Sunday the 23rd of April in the main gymnasium. All members are welcome. If you are a financial member but have not bought a Hui ticket you are still entitled and indeed encouraged to attend.



If enough participants wish to sell or swap goods a space will be made available to do so with %10 surcharge on all transactions. Please let us know of your intentions to bring goods to market by emailing us:



In conjunction with the 2017 National Hui in Kaiwaka at ANZAC weekend, a Permaculture Teachers Training course will be held.

Teachers Training Post-Hui

26th - 30th APRIL 2017
Hoteo North (near Wellsford)
For more information or to book visit: